Santa Maria Journey Church

                                          The Journey Church of Santa Maria Exist to help people find their way back to God
1. Discovering Jesus  2. Developing Christ Followers  3. Deploying Everyone

Welcome! We hope you join us for a Sunday Service to see for yourself what we're all about.  Through practical messages, contemporary music, and creative media, we present the ageless truths of the bible in a format that's easy to understand, even if you have never been to church.
Our goal is to be a community where you can grow and not be afraid to be yourself.  Our motto at the "Journey" is that "God is up to something good!" so we hope that you come and see what God is doing.

The “Journey” we are on

Last October we received word that our pastor would not be returning to lead The Journey Church. The bylaws spell out contacting Transformation Ministries (TM) and following a process they design for finding our next pastor. This process included forming a Search Team, which we did in November, consisting of 7 dedicated people.

The process also called for an assessment to determine our strengths, weaknesses and what we needed in a new pastor. This was completed in January with the help of TM consultant, Mark Lambert. What the results described was that The Journey Church is a wonderful group of people whose numbers, programs and income are in serious decline. The reality of our situation led to prayerful discussion and the congregation’s decision to become the core group for a new church plant in Santa Maria under the leadership of Transformation Ministries and with their financial assistance.

Therefore, the Search Team was asked to find a church planting pastor who would be a match for our church/core group and would have the vision and gifts to start a dynamic new church.
After a total of 7 interviews (3 in-depth and formal), much prayer, consultation with TM, and bringing 3 potential candidates in to preach, we came to a strong and unanimous decision in selecting Jon Bronkowski as our new pastor candidate.
Jon Bronkowski

After hours of interviewing multiple candidates and hearing them preach more than once, Jon stood out to us. Not only is he personable and easy to be with, but he has done what we need accomplished – plant a new church.

Jon comes to us from Fresno where he is the founding and lead pastor of Flipside 13 Christian Church. This unique church in the heart of Fresno is a growing ministry and serves many hurting people in downtown Fresno. With Jon’s leadership the church has seen many decisions for Christ and baptisms. One of Jon’s passions is to raise up gifted leaders and help them find ministries that maximize all God has created them to be.

You will want to hear Jon’s testimony about how he and his wife, Charity, found Christ. Jon was a successful real estate agent in Orange County before having a life-changing experience of salvation.

We are impressed with his vision and his strategy for achieving that vision. As you will hear, he has a strategy to take our core group and launch a new church this fall. Because that won’t happen just by hoping, he has thought through the details that will make our hopes a reality.

He has a passion to see lost people find Christ. He remembers what it was like before he found Jesus and is anxious that everyone hear the Good News of the gospel. He lives what he preaches about sharing Christ.

Theologically he is a kindred spirit. Jon is firmly in the evangelical tradition that would describe our church.
And he can preach! We heard very favorable comments from those attending the service 4 weeks ago about the encouragement his message brought.

And if that were not enough, God has blessed him with a wonderful wife and family. He has been married to Charity for 20 years and has a son in the Navy and a 13 year old daughter.
We are excited to be able to present Jon as the pastor we believe God has selected to lead us into the next phase of ministry in Santa Maria. We hope you will take time to meet him, ask questions, and help him get to know you and your family.

- The Pastoral Search Team

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