Santa Maria Journey Church

 Current Sermon Series: ‘Tell Me the Story’ is really the story of every Christ Follower. The events depicted in this three part series are all true and make up the foundation of the Christian faith. This is the story that changes people’s lives. It is my prayer that if you are here and unconvinced that Jesus is who he says he is--after spending some time listening to this story your life will be changed.
I have taken some artistic license only in the way the story sets up. The events are taken directly although not in chronological order from the Gospel of Matthew – chapters 1 and 2 and the Gospel of Luke – chapters 1 and 2. I encourage you to read them together as a family this Christmas season.
Finally I want to thank Max Lucado because it has been his writing that inspired me to develop the imagery and R.C. Sproul whose theology has made this method of telling the story theologically sound.
Pastor G. Alan Coler

                                          The Journey Church of Santa Maria Exist to help people find their way back to God
1. Discovering Jesus  2. Developing Christ Followers  3. Deploying Everyone

Welcome! We hope you join us for a Sunday Service to see for yourself what we're all about.  Through practical messages, contemporary music, and creative media, we present the ageless truths of the bible in a format that's easy to understand, even if you have never been to church.
Our goal is to be a community where you can grow and not be afraid to be yourself.  Our motto at the "Journey" is that "God is up to something good!" so we hope that you come and see what God is doing.
Interim Pastor – Dr. G. Alan Coler
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